For Clients

COVID-19 Information

Speachy is happy to service clients both in-person and online. Please see more information below:

Services Availability

Occupational Therapy: Telepractice /  In-Clinic

Speech Therapy: Telepractice / In-Clinic

Academic Training: Telepractice / In-Clinic

Speachy Learning Center is open for Telepractice!

We provide Speech Therapy (including OMT), Occupational Therapy, and Academic Therapy for a primarily pediatric population. Please contact us for specific telepractice questions. Thank you!


Telepractice is not appropriate for all clients or situations. Please see our requirements to see if telepractice would be a good fit.

Clients must:

  • Have access to a distraction free room/environment for 30 minutes. We ask that there are no siblings, other screens, or toys present in their space.
  • Have stable internet access on a distraction free device.
  • Be able to navigate technology semi-independently or have a parent present throughout session (OT).
  • Be able to sustain attention for 30 minutes with limited reminders from caregiver or therapist.


Telepractice sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes and will be based on current therapist availability. Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Session links are updated weekly and are sent on the Friday before your session. Please have the client connected to the meeting 2-3 minutes before the session begins. The cancellation, sickness, and no-show policy remains the same for telepractice session (Please see our Forms page for more information).


We use our secure client portals for telepractice. With the provided link from your therapist, all you need to do is click on the link, type in name of client, and join at the time of the set appointment.  We suggest clients wear a pair of headphones (with a microphone, preferred) to limit distractions and improve audio quality. 

Billing / Insurance

Telepractice is billed at the same rate as in-person speech. Please see our Forms page for our list of Fees. The cancellation, sickness, and no-show policy are the same as in-person sessions. Once a sessions starts (both ends connect via video and sound), you will be charged the scheduled session fee, regardless of duration.

All of our Speech and Occupational Therapy sessions are coded for insurance. The diagnosis code (ICD-10) will not change. For telepractice sessions, the Place Of Service (POS) code is changed from 11(clinic) to 02(telehealth). This may affect your insurace coverage. 

Please contact your insurance provider to ensure that telepractice (POS 02) is covered by your benefits.