PlayGroup & Thinking Tools!

Our groups meet for 45-minute sessions with a caregiver debrief at the end and are comprised of children selected by chronological age and developmental level of learning. Kids have fun in a naturalistic environment while learning how to establish and maintain friendships. The social groups are designed to promote healthy self-confidence in children by giving them the skills they need to successfully navigate the ins and outs of social interactions and exchanges.

Kids work cooperatively in groups on skill building activities led by our team of skilled therapists. While the weekly activities will vary based on the age and interest level of each group, each group is designed with a focus on emotional regulation, understanding emotions in others, initiating and sustaining conversations, reading body language and non-verbal communication, conflict resolution and so much more.

PlayGroup and Thinking Tools! run weekly without interruption. We request that once your child is placed in a group you prioritize attendance and participation for your child to take advantage of the consistency and bonding time with peers in the group. Please see attached for fees and sickness and cancellation policy.

If you are interested in joining a group, please fill out the social skills intake form and someone will reach out to you once we receive it.