Speachy Office Dog

Gus is a Muttville rescue and his human is Erica the Office Manager! His exact age is a mystery but he's definitely a super senior.

He was adopted by Erica in 2021 and was severely overweight but has since lost 12 lbs! At Speachy he takes his duties of napping, and seeking out treats very seriously. 

Due to his advanced age he prefers to just lay around, but he oversees daily operations and occasionally checks in on sessions, especially if there's snacks involved. When you walk by our office, you might see him peering out the window!

Gus is on a strict diet and he's under close supervision - we know not everyone is comfortable with dogs so we only let Gus approach visitors if they give us the ok. Gus can be shy around new people so if you meet him you can offer your hand for him to sniff as a way of saying 'hi'!