Speech Language Pathology Therapist

Hailey is a Bay Area native. Her experience with family members with communication disorders inspired a fascination with language and drove her to pursue a career in speech language pathology. She received clinical training in a variety of settings, including schools, private practices, and outpatient rehabilitation centers with both children and adults. Early intervention and autism spectrum disorders are two of her favorite populations to work with. She has a graduate certificate in augmentative and alternative communication and is dedicated to continually learning from the growing body of linguistic research to best serve her clients.

  • Born: San Jose, CA
  • Favorite Food: barbecue, Mexican
  • Favorite Sports Team: San Jose Sharks, UCLA Bruins, Memphis Grizzlies
  • Activities & Interests: cooking, reading, cats, exploring nature
  • Something you may not know about Hailey: Every year she completes the 52 book challenge. That's one book a week!